Monday, 5 April 2010

Margaret Moran is a cunt.

The former That's Life presenter, Childline founder, NSPCC trustee and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! participant Esther Rantzen is standing as an anti-sleaze candidate against Moran.
"She was great on That's Life, sticking up for people like us rather than putting her snout in the trough like most of these MPs." So said one of two retired sisters near Luton town hall.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Margaret Moran is a cunt.

Margaret "dry rot" Moran who is off suffering from stress, is a troughing cunt.

An the fat saggy arsed taxed payer funded cunt even has an award to prove it.

Margaret Moran is a cunt.

Internal records show that the Commons' authorities considered that Labour backbencher Margaret Moran's arrangement broke the "spirit" of the rules but felt powerless to stop her taking advantage of the loose system of Parliamentary allowances.
The semi-detached house, a hundred yards from the seafront in Southampton, is a two-hour drive from both Parliament and Miss Moran's marginal constituency of Luton South.

Over a four-year period, she also spent thousands of pounds on decorating, repairs and furnishings on three separate properties, switching between Westminster, Luton and Southampton and doing up each home in turn.

Her bill for £22,500 worth of dry rot treatment in Southampton led to alarm among officials in the House of Commons fees office, and staff expressed frustration that there appeared to be nothing they could do to stop her.

During a protracted exchange of emails between officials, one senior member of the fees office wrote: "The size of the claim and the timing of the change to her nomination were discussed with [redacted] but we were agreed despite appearing to be against the spirit of allowances there was nothing with regards to the rules that we could pull the claim on."

During the period covered by the expenses claims published this week, Miss Moran first declared her second home as a flat in Westminster, a short walk from the House of Commons, where she installed a £4,756.40 new kitchen, fitted a £2,678 carpet and bought a bed worth £527.20. The following year, after she had the garden in her constituency home in Luton redone, at a cost of £2,350, she wrote to the fees office asking to switch her designation there. Her note, in which she wrote "It has just come to my attention that these costs may be eligible under ACA – hence just being submitted" appear to confirm suspicions that MPs have been informally advising each other how to make the most of the allowances system. In Luton, she spent £1,823.09 on bathroom repairs and £212.50 on bedding, along with £200 of food, before apparently embarking on regular shopping trips to buy items ranging from Pollyfilla to wallpaper, paint and fitted bedroom units costing £1,207.50.

She also claimed £4,200 for decorators, and purchased three separate items of musical equipment, including a £699.95 music system. The extensive work to the home in Southampton, which Mr Booker bought in 1988, two decades before his wife's name was added to the mortgage documents, came to just £1,722 less than the maximum allowable, and she did not make any other claims for the whole of the year.
Miss Moran failed to comment due to feeding at the slops tray....

Here is a thought if you claim benefits and get caught working, you can go to court as well as losing benefits and subject to the courts decision may have to pay back benefits previously claimed. You also face a criminal record and possible time in jail.

However if you are an MP....
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Margaret Moran is a cunt.

Margaret Moran helped husband gain £10,000 lights contract.
The Daily Telegraph has already disclosed allegations that she used Commons notepaper to warn villagers away from her fourth property in Spain, and that when the story was published she hired a leading firm of media solicitors to contest the claims and paid their £881.25 bill using her office allowance.

She is now facing questions as to whether she used her influence as an MP to win business for eQuality Networks (eQN), a non-profit “black and minority ethnic group-led social enterprise” of which her husband is a registered director.
Miss Moran’s parliamentary office put in a request to Luton borough council for festive lights to be put up in Bury Park, Luton. The local authority decided it could not give the money direct to local shopkeepers or install the illuminations itself, and so Miss Moran arranged for the £10,000 project to be handed to eQuality Networks instead.

She was the special guest when the lights, used to celebrate religious holidays including Christmas, Eid and Diwali, were switched on for the first time last December.

Her Annual Parliamentary Report stated: “Margaret successfully bid for new festival lights for Bury Park which will make this a more attractive trading area.”

A statement from Luton borough council read: “Luton borough council received a proposal from Margaret Moran’s parliamentary office for funding for festive lights for Bury Park, in response to a community request. As the Bury Park traders were not a formal organisation, Margaret Moran’s office arranged for eQN to receive the funding on their behalf. All the festival lights have now been installed and there is a complete audit trail of the invoices to show that the funding has been used correctly.”

In addition, equality Networks was given £20,000 by the East of England Development Agency’s (EEDA) Investing in Communities programme to produce a feasibility study for a new women’s business centre in Luton. The report thanks Miss Moran “for donating endless time and energy to support this study”.

It is claimed that she put forward equality Networks as a possible recipient of the funding in meetings with the development agency. It is now looking again at how the money was awarded. A spokesman said: “As far as we are aware the application, award of contract and delivery of the report followed correct processes including independent appraisal. The final report is available from BLEDP.”

Miss Moran was unavailable for comment.

Margaret Moran is a cunt.

Just look at this little shower of champagne swilling socialist scumfucks. 
Who have been up before the justices on charges of theft, or have been suspended from the party, suspended from the Lords, found to be expense fiddling, whoring themselves to the highest bidder like a rentboy in Mandelson's office.
Byers, Hewitt, Hoon, Devine, Chaytor, Morley, Baroness Uddin, Lords Blackburn, Truscott, Snape and Moonie, last but not least, Margaret Moran. 
Strange how benefit theft is a crime, yet if you are part of the ruling elite they even argue that the court should not be trying them. Pic from Guido

Margaret Moran is a cunt.

A Labour MP accused of fraudulent expenses claims is facing a fresh sleaze inquiry after taking 11 months off work saying she is suffering from stress.

Margaret Moran said she was too ill to co-operate with the initial investigation into her claims.

But she was secretly filmed last week offering to use her position to influence high-profile Government colleagues for money.

This was the final straw for Parliament's Standards Commissioner John Lyon, who is relaunching his inquiry because he does not believe she is ill.

Miss Moran, 54, claimed £22,500 of taxpayers' money for treating dry rot at her partner's home in Southampton, more than 100 miles from her Luton South constituency.

Despite being off work, she has pocketed £59,000 of her £64,766 annual salary since she was engulfed in the expenses scandal last May.

Insiders say that Mr Lyon became aware that Miss Moran was not too sick to work before Channel 4's Dispatches programme last week.

But the broadcast confirmed his decision to press ahead with the probe, they said.

'He makes sure he is well informed,' a source added.

Mr Lyon is hoping to complete his report in time for 'a large proportion' to be docked from Miss Moran's 'golden goodbye' payment when she quits the Commons at the General Election.

So why bloody pay her? One would assume that employee an that all this lazy skank is, would have to produce a sick note if claiming to be ill for that length of time. I know I had to when I was ill, so why should it be different for a public sector employee; which is all this overpaid sows ear who pretends to be a silk purse is at the end of the day.

If she is well enough to tout for business then sack her from her overpaid post for being a lazy, fat, shiftless, taxpayer money grabbing tart.